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Dual Token Inflation System

We will be using 2 sets of coins. Bramble and Bramble Reals. Here Bramble Reals are the Virtual counterpart of Bramble Cryptocurrency. Rewards for will be given in Bramble Reals first, so as to not overpower the Bramblechain.

This dual coin system allows for flexible issuance models. First, mining coins(Bramble), are transient by nature and their supply adapts naturally to the rate of block creation: they are created when blocks are confirmed and are also retired when blocks are confirmed, which means that demand and supply of mining coins should move together and should lead to a stable price for mining coins.

Second, user coins(Bramble Reals) can use any issuance model, and so decoupling the mining and user coins enables less risky experimentation with user coin issuance models.

Lets take an example of a game,

Today all players produced 100 bramble reals by completing lots of quests and the Bramblechain provide only 100 brambles/day for one game. Tomorrow they produced 1 million bramble reals by doing other quests and they all shared the other 100 brambles. So at the start players would get easy brambles. and their value would increase more and more and in a few years everyone needs brambles, but they can get 1 by playing a full month, their value would increase like bitcoin at first it was easy to get 1k bitcoins in a day. In a few days 0.001 bitcoin needs 1 month to produce with the same energy the same with brambles as at first just 10 players would share the 100 brambles. in 1 year - let's say 1 million players would share the same 100 brambles.