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1. Bramble Registration Page with Redirect#

Opens up the Bramble Register Page. The user registers in his username and password and then is redirected back to the game.

  • URL


  • Method:


  • URL Query Params


    response_type='code' (example: 'code')

    client_id=[String] (example: 'mansim')

    redirect_uri=[String] (example: '')

    state=[String] (example: 'teststate')

    scope=[String] (example: 'profile')

  • Success Response:

    • Code: 200
      Content:Opens the Bramble Register Page for the user
  • Error Response:

    • Code: 400
      { "statusCode": 400, "status": 400, "code": 400, "message": "Invalid client: redirect_uri does not match client value", "name": "invalid_client" }

    • Code: 400
      { "statusCode": 400, "status": 400, "code": 400, "message": "Invalid client: missing client grants", "name": "invalid_client" }

    • Code: 400
      { "statusCode": 400, "status": 400, "code": 400, "message": "Unsupported response type: response_type is not supported", "name": "unsupported_response_type" }

  • Sample Call:'', '_self');
  • Notes:

    The user will be redirected after the registration step to the callback url of the game. The authorization code will be attached to the callback url ( Example: ). Use the authorization code for the further process.