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We have finally completed a Pilot for the Bramble API with Armygrid in May 2021. We created a blockchain prototype which will be used in our product. We are currently working with heavy focus on our whitepaper and blockchain implementations.

Bramble Phase 2

This is a ongoing phase where the Bramble Team is working out the issues of cryptocurrency implementations and gearing up for the launch of the product. The product consists of many components mainly, the cryptocurrency, the blockchain, the API and the landing page. These components were launched earlier but in a Private Beta phase. This will be launched in a Pilot phase after these modules are completed.

Bramble Phase 1

In this phase the Bramble REST API Connection Module is sent to the game / application developer. He will accordingly make the REST API calls and check if the API is correctly working for him. ( It's a simple Javascript implementation for the connection to the Oauth module ). A bit of back and forth feedback will happen at this stage. Bramble Team will make changes considering the feedback you give.